Business Manager Certification Program Honors Graduates and Recertification Students

On Thursday, May 5, ten North Dakota business managers were honored at Bismarck State College for successfully completing the North Dakota School Business Manager Certification Program, while fourteen additional students were recognized for recertifying in the program.  Six of the ten business manager graduates received mastery in all coursework, the program’s highest designation. Guest speakers included Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler; NDSBA Executive Director, Alexis Baxley; and 2022 graduate recipient, Melissa Haahr.

The North Dakota School Business Managers Certification Program was created in 2013 and is administered by the North Dakota School Boards Association in partnership with the North Dakota Association of School Business Managers. The program provides state business managers with practical education and training to help them successfully perform their duties and meet statutory and regulatory responsibilities. It is comprised of 20 courses, offered both in-person and online, that cover foundational materials such as a business manager’s role and responsibilities, school finance and operations, how to conduct a school election or a public meeting, and how to properly procure items for the district.  Students are required to complete 61 credits to graduate within a five-year period.  Most do complete these requirements within two years. After graduation, students must complete 15 continuing education credits every three years to remain in the program.  Courses are taught by superintendents, business managers, school district personnel, and state officials with expertise in specific areas.

NDSBMCP graduate and recertification attendees: front row left to right – Brandi Wald, Napoleon; Marci Larson, New Salem-Almont; Denise Knatterud, Drayton; Melissa Haahr, Devils Lake; Lorie Werle, TGU.

Back row left to right – Amy Maurer, Montpelier; Cathi Heuchert, Grafton; Barb Magnuson, South Prairie; Shari Hetland, Wyndmere; Lindsay Polk, Barnes County; Darcy Lamoureux, Newburg United.

NDSBMCP graduate attendees: front row left to right – Marci Larson, New Salem-Almont; Denise Knatterud, Drayton; and Melissa Haahr, Devils Lake.

Back row left to right – Brandi Wald, Napoleon; Shari Hetland, Wyndmere; and Lindsay Polk, Barnes County.

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