Procurement Quiz

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1. True or False:  The Law Enforcement Support Office equipment purchase program applies to public schools.



2. True or False: Schools wishing to purchase items over $25k from Roughrider Industries must follow bidding requirements contained in NDCC 15.1-09-34.



3. True or False: “CP” on the state contract website stands for cooperative purchase, meaning that schools and other governmental entities may purchase under the state contract.



4. True or False: The state procurement office is administered by the North Dakota Department of Commerce.



5. True or False: When using a cooperative state contract to purchase school goods and services, public schools must follow bidding requirements contained in NDCC 15.1-09-34.



6. True or False: With one exception, public schools are prohibited from selling real estate for less than fair market value.



7. True or False: When a public school turns over items purchased with federal dollars to state surplus, it must complete a federal utilization form for items valued over $5000.



8. True or False: Roughrider Industries is a self-funded state program.



9. True or False: Public schools can make donations to nonprofits in North Dakota.



10. True or False: According to law, nonprofits (such as school foundations) can participate in state cooperative purchasing contracts.