School Law for Business Managers

About the Instructor

Amy De Kok

Amy De Kok joined NDSBA’s staff as Legal Counsel in 2017. Prior to joining NDSBA, Amy was an attorney and shareholder with the law firm of Fredrikson & Byron, P.A., a position she held since 2010. Over the past several years, Amy’s practice has focused on presenting and advising school districts throughout the state of North Dakota on a wide variety of issues including contract negotiations, teacher termination/discharge, employment, school board policy interpretation and application, school facility construction and improvement, and bond referendum procedures.

  Important Course Dates

Class Date: March 14, 2023

Time: 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. CT

Class Location: Bismarck Career Academy, Multipurpose 200A

Due Date for Final Assessment: May 15, 2023


School Law for Business Managers Syllabus


School Law for Business Managers Presentation


Video Recording of School Law

Reading Assignments

North Dakota Open Meetings Manual

North Dakota Open Records Manual

North Dakota Century Code Chapter 15.1-06

North Dakota Century Code Chapter 15.1-07

North Dakota Century Code Chapter 15.1-09

North Dakota Century Code Chapter 15.1-15

North Dakota Century Code Chapter 16.1-10

Useful Websites:
North Dakota Legislative Council 
North Dakota Attorney General 
Department of Public Instruction 
U.S. Department of Education 
Office of Civil Rights
United States Code 
Code of Federal Regulations 
North Dakota Department of Labor 
U.S. Department of Labor 

Final Exam

The final exam for this class will be an online 25 question, multiple choice and T/F test.  You may use your lecture notes and course resources to answer these questions. Once you have completed the exam, click “Show Results.” A screen will appear with your recorded answers and final exam score. The exam due date is May 15.

The final exam for this course must be proctored by your school administrator, direct supervisor or a board president. A proctor verification form must be completed and mailed to the NDSBA or emailed to by May 15, to validate the final exam.

Final Exam


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